Jun 1, 2013

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The Cordless Jump Rope..ta hell with da rope

Whatever happened to actual jump roping? Like the actual movement of your entire body jumping over the rope. Apparently the rope was getting in the way. Since there aren’t enough ridiculous fat loss fads or equipment on the market. I give you the cordless jump rope…

Step right up clumsy individuals and pretend to jump over the rope or sit and pretend your jumping….that’s right folks that ripped body you’ve always wanted will be well earned in your wrist action alone. Grab your cordless ropes, throw on those Skecher trainers, and say hi to the haters.

The cordless rope is made to give you the feel, and impression that the weight of the rope is rotating in a circular motion. The obvious added bonus is you needn’t worry about tripping… You might as well get one of those weighted leashes with the invisible dog.

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