Jun 26, 2013

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Resistance Training a MUST

Resistance Training a MUST

Many people underestimate the muscular system in our bodies. Many people don’t have an understanding of resistance training and how many of us are not using what we were born with…muscles.

The human body is made up of over 600 muscles that are made up of over 100 billion muscle fibers. Muscles make our fingers close, eyes blink, even give us goosebumps. For real! When we get goosebumps were actually contracting these teeny tiny muscles that are popping out….they are muscles. Muscles are responsible for making our digestive tract work , air being pulled into our lungs, and even increased blood flow when an emergency happens.

Many of us have never even felt some of our muscles. Most people just like to keep the majority of their muscular system anonymous.  When we work our muscle and put them to use by resistance training we strengthen our bones, heighten our metabolism, decrease heart disease and manage our weight.

Now put that muscle to use and lift something!

BTW No ladies if you pick up a 2 lb. weight you will not look like Rocky you’ll just loose the giggle and slenderize those arms and thighs!

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