Dec 30, 2013

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Mz Everythang! Robin Roberts

Mz Everythang! Robin Roberts

Incomparable. Brilliant. Stunning. Fighter. Role model. Advocate. Cancer Survivor.

Mz. Everything Robin Roberts.

I, like everyone who has grown up in this country knows who Robin Roberts is. Whatever her parents did needs to be bottled and immediately sold in Costco sized quantities. Robin Roberts fought sexism and racism throughout her career beginning in sports and later into the morning news. Funny how waking up would be unimaginable without her on Good Morning America.

The New Year is fast approaching and regardless of what your fitness goals are, like loosing those last stubborn 10 lb.s are really insignificant when you think of what Robin Roberts has come against. As superficial as it may seem to just highlight Ms. Roberts fitness regimen I thought if we all could have an understanding of how dedicated to health and fitness this woman is that this could serve as some sort of inspiration. Looking at this example to better our lives inside and out. Realizing how her healthy lifestyle mentally and physically has helped her fight cancer, her career, and anything else this lady touches.

Her nutrition intake consists of foods high in nutrient density. The key is eating foods low in calories while being high in nutrients (vitamins & minerals). Great nutrient dense foods are kale, spinach, Greek yogurt, and a wide variety of fruits, grains, and healthy fats. Remember that fiber and omega-3’s are a large factor as well. Instead of spending money on supplements your nutrient dense food intake should be your supplementation. By taking in fiber and omega-3’s your body will fight off hunger while also allowing you to eat as much as you please since there is little to no calories in nutrient dense food sources.

And… REMEMBER TO EXERCISE!!! It’s a no brainer. Eating Clean + Exercise = a Healthier YOU


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