Nov 15, 2012

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Magic soda that makes you skinny…bottoms up!

So how many products that are out there that promise you these unbelievable results of extreme fat loss… while you can still eat like a pig and not exercise….hundreds, right?

There’s a new kid on the block and it’s called Pepsi special. It’s been approved by the Japanese government and is already making waves among desperate  fat loss seekers. To hell with hard work and eating sensibly! I’m gonna drink my pounds away. Hello Janet Jackson 6 pack circa 1999 (and that pie).

We all want to down soda and watch the pounds melt away, who doesn’t?

Pepsi Special promises the consumer to eat pizza, burgers, ice cream….anything loaded with fat and simply drink Pepsi Special and your body won’t absorb that fat laden food as fat. This product has not been approved in the U.S. but seems to be a hit in Japan. It contains an additive called Dextrin a fat blocking fiber that acts as a blocker against fat that you consume from fat laden food while also lowering your cholesterol. Sounds pretty harmless so far…

Now here’s the catch. It’s an instantaneous laxative!!!! You might think that your loosing weight after you reinact Kobayashi’s hot dog take down at Nathan’s in Coney Island while your sippin’ on that skinny juice, but the reality of it is the opposite.

Your behind won’t leave that porcelain throne for days.

Everything that our body consumes falls into use or remove. Our body is a machine and works like one. Everything that we eat (good or bad) must be used either by consuming it or “passing” it. In this case Dextrin is acting as a fat blocker and a mega diuretic.

In my opinion work hard, eat clean, and have a well deserved cheat meal every so often.

Doesn’t that seem easier than your backside glued to a toilet for day’s?

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