Jul 9, 2013

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Don’t Cook Your Greens to Death Eat Them Raw

Don’t Cook Your Greens to Death Eat Them Raw

Greens are known worldwide for their vitamins, high fiber, and multitude of nutrients. But, did you know that your cooking all of these components of these Superfoods every time you boil/steam/bake,or dehydrate them. You are literally killing them every time you raise the temp on them. For real.

The best way to insure optimal health by getting everything and then some out of your greens is to EAT THEM RAW. Don’t worry I’m not here to try to sway you towards the raw food movement ;-D I’m just here to tell you if you don’t own a good blender (notice I said “good” blender/juicer….quality does help!) it’s about time you do.

Your probably asking yourself so how do I eat them raw? The obvious answer it salads and my all time fave smoothies. Just grab a handful of greens, preferably kale or spinach since them blend beautifully with anything else you combine it with(similar to Tofu), and add water/soy/milk, and your choice of fruit or protein powder. It’s fast and easy with a lot less clean up involved with the added bonus that your getting the best out of all of your greens. BTW be a little leery of the collards they can get pretty spicy in a smoothie. Believe me…. the dog won’t even get near it. Honestly, I tried and she didn’t.

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