Jun 27, 2013

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Learning To Run Early In The Morning

Learning To Run Early In The Morning


By Coach Kelly from Runner’s World;



Hi Coach Jenny!   I am fairly new to the running world.  (About 6 months)  The furthest I’ve run is 5 miles on a treadmill.  I am nursing a sore IT band.  My question is whenever I get up early to run I have no energy.  I can barely get through 2 miles.  If I run in the afternoon, I have loads of energy and feel I could go forever.  My problem is that mornings work best for my schedule.  Should I be eating something before I run? If so what and how far in advance?  Thank you for your advice and time!
Twyla Meyer

Hi Twyla.  Welcome to the running world!  I completely agree with you, it is challenging to run first thing in the morning.  It is mostly because your muscles are cold from sleeping all night, your blood sugar levels are at their lowest from fasting and your mind is just booting up for the day!  The good news is there are several tricks you can use to run stronger in the mornings.  And…once you get it in first thing, you are running on high for the rest of the day!  Try these and let us know if they help you.

  • Give your blood sugar levels a little pick-me-up prior to running by eating half a banana, 6-8 ounces of juice or a toast and jam 15-20 minutes prior to your run.  Your body will tell you what it can handle and what it prefers.  It may mean waking up a few minutes earlier, but it will pay off because your mind will wake up and you will have plenty of energy to get you through your run.
  • If you normally consume coffee or tea in the morning, consider drinking a half cup or so to provide an additional boost for your run.  Research studies have shown moderate amounts of caffeine to be an effective performance enhancer pre-run.
  • Walk for at least 5 minutes to properly warm your body up before you run.  It takes a little longer to warm up in the morning so start with an easy walking pace and gradually increase it to a brisk walking pace.  Walking for five minutes will make all the difference in allowing your body to more efficiently prepare for the transition to running.
  • After the five minute walking warm up, run easy for 5-10 minutes.  Your body will reward you with a strong performance if you gradually bring it up to speed.  Like warming up a car in the winter, your body needs time to wake up, warm up and run!  You won’t believe the difference!  If that doesn’t help, alternate running for a minute or two and power walking for a minute before you hit your running tempo.  Run-walking works wonders in transitioning to running, especially in the morning.
  • Develop an iPod playlist that starts out slowly and builds with your favorite motivational tunes!  Music is a very effective way to motivate even in the hardest of times during your runs.

Good luck and let us know how it works out for you!

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Jun 26, 2013

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Resistance Training a MUST

Resistance Training a MUST

Many people underestimate the muscular system in our bodies. Many people don’t have an understanding of resistance training and how many of us are not using what we were born with…muscles.

The human body is made up of over 600 muscles that are made up of over 100 billion muscle fibers. Muscles make our fingers close, eyes blink, even give us goosebumps. For real! When we get goosebumps were actually contracting these teeny tiny muscles that are popping out….they are muscles. Muscles are responsible for making our digestive tract work , air being pulled into our lungs, and even increased blood flow when an emergency happens.

Many of us have never even felt some of our muscles. Most people just like to keep the majority of their muscular system anonymous.  When we work our muscle and put them to use by resistance training we strengthen our bones, heighten our metabolism, decrease heart disease and manage our weight.

Now put that muscle to use and lift something!

BTW No ladies if you pick up a 2 lb. weight you will not look like Rocky you’ll just loose the giggle and slenderize those arms and thighs!

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Jun 26, 2013

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Arnold’s Way Legs &Chest on the Same Day

Arnold’s Way Legs &Chest on the Same Day

One of the best pieces of advice that I learned was to work your legs and chest out on the same day. I know…I know… It sounds odd right? But, it’s worth it. Arnold Schwarzenegger was known for this and his titles to this day are still iconic.

You see your legs are made up of some of the biggest muscles in your body, as well as the longest. You naturally take in deeper breathes while you work them naturally expanding your chest while your working your legs. Your chest is getting warmed up without you even being aware of it. Your also expanding/working out your lungs as well.

Think about your basic old squat. Imagine yourself going into a squat as your coming down you are taking in a big breath automatically expanding your chest. After you work your legs work your chest out and superset in between the two movements. Legs and chest. It’s a two in one. While your working your legs out your stretching out your chest preventing it from injury while your also prepping it for that contraction that your going to do when you go into a  a press or fly. Get it….it’s alway’s a stretch then a contraction in any movement and in this case both chest and legs ;-D

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Jun 4, 2013

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Throwback Thursdays on OneFitLove

Throwback Thursdays on OneFitLove

Throwback Thursday’s on OneFitLove are PEOPLE’S CHOICE! That’s right! We’re giving the power back to the people. If you have a funny “back in the day story,” favorite song/video, embarrassing pictures of yourself, or want to send us a far out photo to post then by all means share the love! Post it on our Facebook Fanpage, email us, or tweet us! Laughter is good for the soul so let’s all get a cheap laugh somewhere!

Stay blessed & beautiful,

-The OneFitLove Family


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Jun 2, 2013

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Like Us on Facebook

Like Us on Facebook

We’re a new site with a new fan page on Facebook please Like us here OneFitLove on Facebook. Sending out positive vibrations, peace, and <3!

Please feel free to post your own fitness stories, pictures, and inspirations! We want to celebrate your fitness goals.

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Jun 2, 2013

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OneFitLove Embracing Every Body Shape and Size

OneFitLove Embracing Every Body Shape and Size

Health and nutrition should be for everyone – No matter what age, size, color, or sex. Educating oneself about your own body and health is priceless and should be honored not withheld from non gym lunatics. That’s why a friend and I came up with a new fitness concept. OneFitLove.

When you think of One Love you think of Bob Marley.Right? The greatest embodiment of togetherness and uniting as one. Everyone can identify with his music and message of brotherhood. So why not use that positive message to bring all people together by finding the one thing that we all have in common. Our bodies.

Fitness and health has been my life. The older I get the more I realize that I was wrong about the idea of fitness and nutrition. Professionals in the fitness industry are always celebrated, and at times loose their passion for it. People who begin any kind of fitness regimen are always excited and self motivated. That kind of fire and passion should be celebrated. You don’t have to be a vascular freak with a six pack. We should all just be happy. Not beat ourselves up over what we see in a magazine.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t ever meet your heroes?” It’s true. Don’t. When the physical appearance is rewarded they never meet that image embedded in your mind. Not only do they not meet your grandiose persona physically, they are often lonely sad people. Worshiping a non existent mirage in the mirror is time consuming, and fulfilling. Love yourself through and through. When you die nobody is gonna care about how many calories you burned in a week. Workouts don’t keep you company, wish you Happy Birthday, or visit you when your sick. Loved ones do. Improving your quality of life so you can spend and do more time with your loved ones is key. Not something that’s another distraction or competition. That’s only momentary.

OneFitLove.com is comprised of a broader more fun loving message of fitness and nutrition that everyone can embrace. The very fact that you have an interest in the betterment of your health should be applauded and recognized. Be proud of who you are and your accomplishments. If you ask yourself, “am I healthier today than I was a week ago?” Ask yourself, “am I proud of  my accomplishments and am I a happier person?” If you answered yes then you have achieved over all health and wellness. That’s what OneFitLove.com is. Now go for a run and listen to Bob.

One life. One love. Let’s together and feel alright.

-Bob Marley

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Jun 1, 2013

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Sriracha Hot Sauce… Why U So Tasty?

Sriracha Hot Sauce… Why U So Tasty?

I have a dirty little secret. I am a hot sauce addict. And there’s really only one kind that can do it right. That special lady is hot, spicy, and Thai. Her name is Sriracha. And she is just as hot as she is tasty.

My love affair began 3 years ago. I don’t know where it was, or how I found her. All I know is that once I had it all the other hot sauces wouldn’t do.

Sriracha has a perfect balance of garlic, spice, heat, and salt. You can put it on anything while it dresses up any meal perfectly. Thicker than regular hot sauces it’s comprised of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, and salt. It can be used on anything from seafood to noodles. If your a die hard dieter you’ll fall in love with how Sriracha dresses up any meal, on any nutrition plan.

Bon Appetit!

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May 30, 2013

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Distracting Yourself During Cardio

Distracting Yourself During Cardio

Here’s the big fat ugly truth about working out. It sucks! Especially cardio. I don’t care who you are eventually that repetitious playlist is gonna drill a big hole of boredom in yo’ head! Enough with the predictable playlists..! No, this is not a cheesey list of “I think I can’s”, mantra’s, and hone in the pain. B#&ch please! Been there done that and still bored…..

Here’s some ideas to distract you from your workout.

1.) In every gym there’s always someone who works hard and is inspiring. Let that individual motivate you. Watch them (respectably nothing creepy people!), their work ethic, and their form. Don’t be afraid to compliment them in a respectable manner. You never know what you could learn and who you can meet.

2.) In today’s fast paced world many gyms offer Cardio Theater. Hop on that elliptical, let the lights dim, and get invested in movie and not how many calories your burning.

3.) I honestly believe that tablets and smart phones are the best thing to happen to gym junky’s. Obviously you can put your music on them, but you can….


-return email

-read books, magazines, pamphlets (IDK I don’t judge! :-D)

-catch up on movies and shows you missed on HULU

– pay bills (use the fact that your bank account is dwindling to motivate you ;-D)

4.) Podcasts… no brainer

5.) Watch Bridesmaids. I cannot tell you how much I love this movie. It’s hilarious and before you know it an hour has passed.

6.) Get outside! If the weather permits hit that concrete and let your surroundings distract you.

7.) Switch up your workout. Not just the classes that gyms offer. Try chopping wood, roping, Krav Maga, climb bleachers or the stairs at your building.

8.) Window shop. If your lucky like me and live in a city that has great shopping then you’ll have great BIG MULTI LEVEL MALLS. If it’s hot outside then you needn’t worry since it’s nice and cool inside. You won’t be paying attention to how long you’ve been walking for but how cute you’ll look in that outfit your spying.

9.) Learn something by using audio/podcasts. Regardless if your studying a new language, history, or prepping for a vacay with travel facts absorb the info.

10.) Set a list of goals. I know it’s cheesey and Rockyesque…..minus the heart warming story… and everything else. But, if you don’t know why your working out, and what you want, then why are you there anyway’s?

11.) Count how many dirty old men in mid-life crisis there are. Just don’t make direct eye contact… they nasty! You’ll be surprised by the number.

12.) While your working out give credit where credit is due. Think about how much healthier you are then the previous day/week/month. Remember that it’ll just keep getting better! Keep keepin’ on!




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May 29, 2013

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CARBS are NOT EVIL people!

CARBS are NOT EVIL people!

I am so sick and tired of people thinking that carbs are bad for you. Nothing screams carelessness than some idiot offering up their nutrition plan that they proudly announce consisting of  “no carbs”, “cycling down carbs”, or “low carbs.” Please…. Unless your seriously prepping for a competition, or training for something specific that you have a vast knowledge of  keep quiet.

Newbies or self proclaimed fanatics who are obnoxious know it all’s are the worst! They offer up information from some bodybuilding forum written by people who have no life, no real background in health, and have never stood on a stage. They pass off their own ignorance as FACT! These types always phase out….yet there’s always a new heard coming in… unfortunately.

Here’s the TEA. Carbohydrates are a necessity! They are your body’s main source of fuel. Why do we need fuel/carbs for our body? Fuel/Carbs in our bodies properly work our kidney’s, brain, nervous system, muscle, and countless other systems in our bodies. If you don’t fuel your car you can’t go anywhere…right??? The same goes for carbohydrates/fuel in your body. YOUR BODY WILL BREAK DOWN and become DORMANT and INACTIVE! Hello!!! The very thing your working so hard not to be. If your body does not take in healthy carbohydrates you have a heightened risk of disease your body can’t fight against because you haven’t given it proper nutrition.

Without Carbohydrates you have a heightened risk of the following;


Colon Cancer (Yes! if you do not take in carbs (fruits/veggies/grains) how can your system rid toxins out of your colon?)

Heart Disease

High Cholesterol (Thanks Dr. Atkins ;-D)

Lack of necessary vitamins, antioxidants, and phytosterols (lower high blood pressure levels)

Liver Disease- The more protein you eat the harder your kidney’s have to work coupled with high protein intake creating excessive nitrogen build up that creates stones and kidney disease.



Blood Conditions such as Ketoacidosis

Foul Odors in your Mouth & Urine– Self explanatory and not sexy!



Insert retro this is your brain on drugs commercial just swap out drugs for carbs (ignore the horrible comparisons between the two ;-D)……


Any questions?




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