Jun 26, 2013

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Arnold’s Way Legs &Chest on the Same Day

Arnold’s Way Legs &Chest on the Same Day

One of the best pieces of advice that I learned was to work your legs and chest out on the same day. I know…I know… It sounds odd right? But, it’s worth it. Arnold Schwarzenegger was known for this and his titles to this day are still iconic.

You see your legs are made up of some of the biggest muscles in your body, as well as the longest. You naturally take in deeper breathes while you work them naturally expanding your chest while your working your legs. Your chest is getting warmed up without you even being aware of it. Your also expanding/working out your lungs as well.

Think about your basic old squat. Imagine yourself going into a squat as your coming down you are taking in a big breath automatically expanding your chest. After you work your legs work your chest out and superset in between the two movements. Legs and chest. It’s a two in one. While your working your legs out your stretching out your chest preventing it from injury while your also prepping it for that contraction that your going to do when you go into a  a press or fly. Get it….it’s alway’s a stretch then a contraction in any movement and in this case both chest and legs ;-D

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