May 31, 2013

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Just for Fun

I <3 Kim Zolciak

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May 30, 2013

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An Ode to Sweat Pants

An Ode to Sweatpants

Many thanks to sweatpants,

 reliable and comfy.

Never fancy or fussy,

never pretentious and a lil’ frumpy.

A true friend in good and bad.

Holding it down,

despite any fad.

There have been times,

when one gets aggravated and sad.

But slipping you babies’ on,

has never made me mad.

So three cheers to you my dear friend,

and partner in crime.

Adapted and timeless,

and always sublime.

At 9 months pregnant,

or breaking a sweat.

You have always been there for me,

in my deepest regrets.

 Ahead of your time.

Drawstrings like the dawning

of a peaceful time.

A weekend warrior,

and comfort extraordinaire.

Your grey color palette,

is like a breath of fresh air.

So three cheers for you,

again my dear friend.

Never change who you are,

in sorrow or gloom.

Your like a timeless flower,

in full beautiful bloom.

– Me at the end of the day (J.Reinbold)

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May 30, 2013

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Distracting Yourself During Cardio

Distracting Yourself During Cardio

Here’s the big fat ugly truth about working out. It sucks! Especially cardio. I don’t care who you are eventually that repetitious playlist is gonna drill a big hole of boredom in yo’ head! Enough with the predictable playlists..! No, this is not a cheesey list of “I think I can’s”, mantra’s, and hone in the pain. B#&ch please! Been there done that and still bored…..

Here’s some ideas to distract you from your workout.

1.) In every gym there’s always someone who works hard and is inspiring. Let that individual motivate you. Watch them (respectably nothing creepy people!), their work ethic, and their form. Don’t be afraid to compliment them in a respectable manner. You never know what you could learn and who you can meet.

2.) In today’s fast paced world many gyms offer Cardio Theater. Hop on that elliptical, let the lights dim, and get invested in movie and not how many calories your burning.

3.) I honestly believe that tablets and smart phones are the best thing to happen to gym junky’s. Obviously you can put your music on them, but you can….


-return email

-read books, magazines, pamphlets (IDK I don’t judge! :-D)

-catch up on movies and shows you missed on HULU

– pay bills (use the fact that your bank account is dwindling to motivate you ;-D)

4.) Podcasts… no brainer

5.) Watch Bridesmaids. I cannot tell you how much I love this movie. It’s hilarious and before you know it an hour has passed.

6.) Get outside! If the weather permits hit that concrete and let your surroundings distract you.

7.) Switch up your workout. Not just the classes that gyms offer. Try chopping wood, roping, Krav Maga, climb bleachers or the stairs at your building.

8.) Window shop. If your lucky like me and live in a city that has great shopping then you’ll have great BIG MULTI LEVEL MALLS. If it’s hot outside then you needn’t worry since it’s nice and cool inside. You won’t be paying attention to how long you’ve been walking for but how cute you’ll look in that outfit your spying.

9.) Learn something by using audio/podcasts. Regardless if your studying a new language, history, or prepping for a vacay with travel facts absorb the info.

10.) Set a list of goals. I know it’s cheesey and Rockyesque…..minus the heart warming story… and everything else. But, if you don’t know why your working out, and what you want, then why are you there anyway’s?

11.) Count how many dirty old men in mid-life crisis there are. Just don’t make direct eye contact… they nasty! You’ll be surprised by the number.

12.) While your working out give credit where credit is due. Think about how much healthier you are then the previous day/week/month. Remember that it’ll just keep getting better! Keep keepin’ on!




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May 30, 2013

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Good Carbohydrates

What Good Carbohydrates are and why we need them in our everyday lives ;-D

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May 29, 2013

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CARBS are NOT EVIL people!

CARBS are NOT EVIL people!

I am so sick and tired of people thinking that carbs are bad for you. Nothing screams carelessness than some idiot offering up their nutrition plan that they proudly announce consisting of  “no carbs”, “cycling down carbs”, or “low carbs.” Please…. Unless your seriously prepping for a competition, or training for something specific that you have a vast knowledge of  keep quiet.

Newbies or self proclaimed fanatics who are obnoxious know it all’s are the worst! They offer up information from some bodybuilding forum written by people who have no life, no real background in health, and have never stood on a stage. They pass off their own ignorance as FACT! These types always phase out….yet there’s always a new heard coming in… unfortunately.

Here’s the TEA. Carbohydrates are a necessity! They are your body’s main source of fuel. Why do we need fuel/carbs for our body? Fuel/Carbs in our bodies properly work our kidney’s, brain, nervous system, muscle, and countless other systems in our bodies. If you don’t fuel your car you can’t go anywhere…right??? The same goes for carbohydrates/fuel in your body. YOUR BODY WILL BREAK DOWN and become DORMANT and INACTIVE! Hello!!! The very thing your working so hard not to be. If your body does not take in healthy carbohydrates you have a heightened risk of disease your body can’t fight against because you haven’t given it proper nutrition.

Without Carbohydrates you have a heightened risk of the following;


Colon Cancer (Yes! if you do not take in carbs (fruits/veggies/grains) how can your system rid toxins out of your colon?)

Heart Disease

High Cholesterol (Thanks Dr. Atkins ;-D)

Lack of necessary vitamins, antioxidants, and phytosterols (lower high blood pressure levels)

Liver Disease- The more protein you eat the harder your kidney’s have to work coupled with high protein intake creating excessive nitrogen build up that creates stones and kidney disease.



Blood Conditions such as Ketoacidosis

Foul Odors in your Mouth & Urine– Self explanatory and not sexy!



Insert retro this is your brain on drugs commercial just swap out drugs for carbs (ignore the horrible comparisons between the two ;-D)……


Any questions?




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