Mar 11, 2013

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I want me some ABS!!!!!!!!

How many of us have trained our butts off and have scene no results when it comes to abs? All of us! Seasoned and newbies! The truth is that whole cliche about abs are made in the kitchen is TRUE.

There are no magic crunches. There are no special machines. It doesn’t matter how much weight your doing while doing standing side bends (BTW the more weight you use while working abdominal’s the more you’ll thicken your midsection, no different than any other muscle group. Who wants a thick midsection?). Abs ARE made in the kitchen. Your diet needs to be clean! Athlete or gym rat.


His & Hers

His & Hers

The Rules

1.) No ALCOHOL! Sorry. Alcohol contains sugar. And when partaking in cocktail hour or beer time (beer =bloat city)  your body is taking in sugars that cannot be broken down and used as energy. And just a refresher… if your body can’t break down sugar it automatically turns it into FAT. NOTE*** Sugar= The Legal Cocaine***

2.) CARDIO!!!!!! How can you see your abs if you still have a layer of fat covering them. Cardio = Fat Burning. Fat Burning = No layer of fat covering your abdominals. No layer of fat covering your abdominals = Abs!

3.)  Diet ( which should also be part of 1 & 2). If your diet is bad than your gut will be too! I don’t care if you LIVE in the gym. If your eating horribly you will NOT see your abs. Eat Clean!!!!!!! Clean Eating!!!!!!! If you can’t (come on everyone join in… we’ve all heard it) grow it or kill it……..than you can’t eat it! 

4.) Train your abs completely. Your amazing abdominals that are waiting to meet you are made up of 3 parts. Normally people only train 1 part of their abdominals.

Transverse Abdominals They run across your abdominals like a a corset.

Obliques- They run on the side and are usually associated with side bends.

Rectus Abdominus- These run right down the middle of your abs. When worked properly with clean eating the abdominus rectus is the part of your abs that will give you that 6 pack look that your going for.

5.) Limit Sodium intake. Notice how everyone that wants abs or admires abs usually has an image of these razor cut lean midsections that their working towards. In order to put your hard earned work on show bloating should not be part of the equation. Limit salt intake and annihilate bloating. No diet sodas ( if you must no more than 1 a day).You’ll also be amazed at how herbs & spices will make you completely forget about salt ;-D

6.) Stay hydrated. Any part of training or everyday overall well being should require water…. and don’t limit yourself with it!

Most importantly remember results do not come over night. Abs ( as well as so many other things in life) take time. They are well earned! If it was easy everyone would be walking around with shredded abs.TRUTH!

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Mar 3, 2013

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Where does fat go when you loose it?

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Mar 2, 2013

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Top 5 Anti-Aging Supplements

SupplementationSo who doesn’t want to look younger?! Right! Everyone does. Here’s a short list of supplements that can be t ken, after consulting a doctor, to better your memory, skin, heart, etc…etc… 😀

1. HGH

I am NOT endorsing the use of HGH  just merely listing what ranks at the top of anti-aging supplementation at the end of 2012. HGH happens to rank #1.  Many have touted HGH as the Fountain of Youth known to reverse the effects of old age. Those who are dealing with decreased quality of life ( HIV/AIDS and other muscle wasting diseases) can greatly improve their health.

2. Fish Oil

Omega 3 Fatty Acids baby! Think heart health and offsetting coronary artery disease when including this in your everyday lifestyle.  It’s also used to stem glaucoma, macular degeneration, reduction in pain and swelling, and blood clotting. Keep in mind that the body does not naturally produce fish oil so any supplementation of it is more than recommended.

3. Carnitine

Carnitine is a nutrient that is used to help the body turn into fat. It’s also used to treat angina, Alzheimer’s (and dementia), and improvement in memory.

4. Aspirin

Known to lower levels of colon cancer by 50 %

5. Conenzyme or CoQ10

Antioxidant that prevents blood clotting, management in blood sugar, and prevention in heart disease.


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Mar 2, 2013

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Can I eat a Cheeseburger Post Workout with Alicia Marie

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