Feb 26, 2013

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Words of Wisdom

I <3 Joan Collins


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Feb 22, 2013

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Male Booty Implants….. Dear Sweet Jesus Why???

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately I’ve been working my tail off and running around like a crazy person.

I digress!!!!

That thing can hold a turkey dinner and a case of wine!

That thing can hold a turkey dinner and a case of wine!

I can't tell if it's hot or cold...

I can’t tell if it’s hot or cold…


We have all heard about the the Buttock Enhancement procedure that we all associate with women. Unfortunately the majority of the time when we hear of this surgery it’s never seems to end well…get it…end!

There have been countless stories of pumping parties gone wrong, foreign country implants with faulty “GOD KNOWS WHAT THEY PUT IN YOUR ARSE” implants (cement genius!), and of course my personal favorite when an implant that’s the shape of a crescent moon turns completely around and now your behind resembles a species of Klingon that didn’t make the final cut of Star Trek.

Mmmmhhhhmmmm…. Well if you thought it was just women who go through this drastic procedure to make their behinds more voluptuous well guess again. The new fad is MEN getting it done. Yes…..dudes….proceed with caution. Now just in my own defense if something makes you happy do it! But just like everything fitness, health, nutrition, etc…etc…. everything in moderation.

You can obviously tell that this young man is majoring in Neuroscience at Columbia and enjoys aged wines.

BTW what the hell happened to squatting?

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