Jan 15, 2013

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Cayenne Pepper The Fat Burner

cayenneI have a secret….. I am addicted to…Cayenne Pepper. Cayenne as a supplement in a capsule form or just as a spice in your meal. Cayenne is actually a health food (cayenne is a fruit ). The short and sweet about it is Cayenne contains Capsicum (also found in peppers) that help aid in fat loss and much more:




Upset Stomach

Intestinal Gas



Circulates blood flow to the heart

Helps with excessive blood clotting

High Cholesterol

Prevents Heart Disease (heightens your metabolic rate)

Cure shingles (when applied to skin)

Migraine/ Headaches

Appetite Suppressant

Increases Body Temperature (creates a thermogenic effect heightening your metabolism= fat burning)


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Jan 14, 2013

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How to eat clean and look lean while on the go!

Samurai-Sam_s-Teriyaki-Grill_grid_6So many of us are constantly on the go. When it comes to eating clean one of the biggest barriers is having a hard time eating out. Here are a few of my favorite go to’s that are FOOL PROOF 😀



Samurai Sam’s- Teriyaki Bowl with White Meat (or Tofu) Brown Rice/Extra Veggies, or the Low Carb Bowl

Teriyaki Madness- Teriyaki Bowl with White Meat (or Tofu) Brown Rice/Extra Veggies

Wendy’s- Grilled Chicken Sandwich no sauce/ Small Chili

Sushi- Sashimi (if your watching your salt intake no soy sauce)/ You can also get Sushi with Brown Rice <3 /Edamame is a great source of protein so don’t be shy load up on it!

Pho- My FAVORITE THING in the whole world!!!!! A real clean treat! I like to stick to Pho Tai or Pho Vegetarian (if your going to have the noodles try to get it in earlier in the day so your body can use those noodles as energy. If not ask for just the broth and meat/veggies minus the noodles) 😀

TGI Friday’s/ Chillis/ Mimi’s Cafe/ ANY General family restaurant– Filet Mignon, and veggies NO BUTTER (double sides) any generalized family friendly restaurant usually has a dish with a filet mignon on it with two sides. Always choose the filet mignon and for your two sides get double veggies with no butter. There you have the perfect marriage of a Lean Protein Complex (Fibrous) Carbohydrate.

USWIRL- ANYTHING at USwirl you can have! Remember 20 calories per ounce sugar free fro yo! As for toppings they have a great array of sugar free sauces, and fresh fruits that you can load up on.YUM!

IN-N-OUT- Protein Style Burger (imagine the burger minus the bun no sauce)/ & for you Vegans & Vegetarians ask for Veggie Style (imagine the burger minus the pattie…and since there isn’t any meat yes you can have the iconic sauce with it).





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Jan 14, 2013

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The Master Cleanse

Mater_CleanseSo we have all heard of different variations of The Master Cleanse Diet. The most recent mention of the diet is when Beyonce used it to drop 20 lb.s in 2 weeks! Yes! This is no exaggeration. She did it for a character in the film Dreamgirls. I by no means advise that ANYONE do this diet to loose weight. Proper nutrition and physical activity is the best and ONLY way to loose fat and keep it off. Obviously if you do ANY liquid diet you will put those pounds on the minute your off of it.

I use this cleanse to rid my body of excess water weight, toxins, & skin clarity. It also helps when I start to feel lethargic. I use it for a short period of time either solely on it’s own, or I add it to my existing solid food clean diet. I do not use it for an extended period of time like many others do. People normally do it from 10 days to a months time with serious weight loss! Master_Cleanse_B_AI don’t want to loose hard earned muscle. But, I have been known to go overboard with my vice wine, pink bubbly, and ….. green apple salsa with crispy shredded pork tacos from The Bahia (I know that’s not a very cohesive menu but I’m keeping it real damn’t!). Then yes….because this is not an everyday,week, or month occurrence I ALWAYS feel after my choice consumption like crap…with bloat to match. THIS is when I cleanse 😀

Ingredients/What you will need…


Cayenne Pepper

Grade B Maple Syrup

Sea Salt

Laxative Tea

Distilled Water

Master_Cleanse_IngrediantsThe Master Cleanse Diet (Gallon Recipe)

1.) Grab an empty gallon jug of distilled water and fill it halfway with distilled water.

2.) Take 8-10 medium sized lemons and either use a juicer (a la Jack LaLane) or hand squeeze them. After your lemon juice is done add it to your jug/pitcher.

3.) Place 2 cups of Grade B Maple Syrup into your jug/pitcher. You can also use a cup of Agave if Maple Syrup isn’t available.

4.) Add 1.5 to 2 tsp. of Cayenne Pepper into your jug/pitcher. NOTE*** Cayenne promotes healthy digestion and blood flow! It can also be purchased on it’s own in capsule form from your local Whole Foods, Health & Wellness Store, or GNC**

5.) Shake up your jug/pitcher and voila it’s done! You can refrigerate it if you like.

Key Advice

Start your day off with your salt flush.

You should consume the master cleanse 8-12 times a day.

Have your laxative tea prior to be time (optional).


Daily Cleanse Directions (Consumption)

1.) Start by consuming 1 large glass of lukewarm water with a tsp. of sea salt when you wake up in the morning. This helps flush toxins out of your system first thing in the morning. You will have a BM within an hours time!

2.) Drink 6- 12 glasses of the Master Cleanse/aka Lemonade Diet a day.

3.) Have an organic cup of Laxative Tea at night before you fall asleep (I personally don’t like laxatives of any kind so I skip this part…it’s optional…. but it does help).

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Jan 13, 2013

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Super Fat Burning Foods!

WonderWomanMy apologies for being absent from my blog! I have been working my cute behind off working, taking care of babies, and desperately finding time to squeeze a few hours of sleep in!

It’s a New Year. Therefore a NEW YOU! Don’t you get tired of that tired ole’ saying? 2013 brings new opportunities and of course new resolutions….Or at least that’s what Miss Cleo would say… Call me now!

For many of you who have been diligent about workouts and your nutrition you are probably well overdue for something new for your regimen. Here are a few Super Foods that can burn fat:




Helps build muscle & burn fat. The most common and convenient type of Whey can be found in Protein Powders.

Beans & Legumes

Helps regulate digestion, burn fat, and work as a protein.

Whole Grains (Brown Rice,Oats, & Quinoa)

Helps aid in prevention of storing fat.

Green Veggies (Spinach, Green Beans, Collards)

Helps repair broken down muscle tissue after a workout, and helps fight free-radicals.

Chili Peppers

Helps boost your Metabolism!

Green Tea

Amps up your Metabolism!


Lowers your insulin, helps regulate your blood sugar, and boosts your Metabolism!

Helps aid in prevention of storing fat.

Fish (Salmon,Tuna, Mackerel)

Helps you feel satiated and revs up your Metabolism.

Peanut Butter (or Any Nut Butter)

Boosts testosterone, builds muscle, and burns fat.


Prevents sweet tooth cravings and makes you feel satiated.

Lean Meats

Builds muscle & strengthens your immune system.


Build muscle & burs fat.

Dairy Products

Builds strong bones (ladies) and aids in weight loss.

Nuts (skin intact)

Helps feed muscle and reduces unwanted cravings.



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