Dec 28, 2012

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Back to Business: 6 Small Fit Tips

The New Year is upon us and the bulk of our Holidays are nearly over. Here are some fast fit tips that anyone can do:


1) Eat 6 small meals a day. Everyone has heard this a million times but very few practice it.

2) If you can’t make sense of what’s on a label then don’t eat it. If the ingredients on a label are too hard to pronounce or something that you have no idea what “it” is then don’t eat it.

3) Eat Lean Carbohydrates with Complex Carbohydrates. You can’t go wrong with eating Lean Protein and Complex Carbohydrates. Your body will not store either LP or CC  as fat but use clean food sources as energy.

4) Incorporate Apple Cider Vinegar in your diet either as a tablespoon supplement or into your cooking (salad dressing) to decrease bloat and increase energy.

5) Eat Greens! It doesn’t matter if it’s brussel sprouts, green beans, kale, or swiss chard. Eat your greens! They are fiber filled and your body needs to be regularly cleaned out.

6) Drink your Greens! Regardless if your boiling your veggies or your making them in a crockpot the water that’s left over from preparing your vegetables contain all of the vitamins and minerals that were cooked out of the vegetables. Don’t waste it drink it!

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Dec 24, 2012

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Remembering The Ones We Love & Lost During The Holidays

Robert “Happy” Haynes Jr. & Lisa Haynes

Christmas time always breaks my heart a little. I lost my Father back in 2005 and my sister Lisa in 1998 tragically to an acute asthma attack. Since both their passing’s life has never been the same for me on good day’s and bad. Holiday’s are the hardest for me.It’s a double edged sword. On one hand I have tremendous heart break and on the other I have an unbelievable love from my own family. My children are my everything. They are my pride and joy.

Christmas Eve is here and I can’t help but think constantly of my Daddy. I swear that I even hear him (with his James Earl Jones voice). My Dad was the most obnoxious Christmas person to have ever existed! He would plan the menu and his outfits weeks in advance. No joke! He would prep a Reveillon dinner menu prior to the Christmas dinner, but he never cooked a meal 😀 We had a very small family so it was  just my Father, mother, and sister Lisa.

My Father was known as the Silver Fox who was married too many times even into his “old age.” He had me when he was 60 years young. He was always the life of the party. Ageless. He knew everyone who was anyone and even bought cocktails for the homeless in downtown LA , he was Postmaster in Hollywood. An unprecedented accomplishment for a man of color in the 1960’s. In spite of his accomplishments he wasn’t allowed to buy a home where his employees who worked under him lived because of Jim Crow laws. He never let hardships get him down. That’s why his nickname was Happy. My Father Robert a.k.a Happy was larger than life. He was far from perfect but he was my Daddy and to this day I have a great love and respect for him. He raised me on his own. My Mother was there but was not able to mentally be present in my life. My Daddy went out of his way to be both Daddy and Mommy to my sister and I.

There would be red taper candles lit and dripping, tablecloths a week in advance dressing the table, gold silverware, Nat King Cole and A Merry Christmas from Lena Horne ( my Daddy’s real true love) blaring on the stereo console. And randomly Tijuana Brass… to this day I still don’t understand the Tijuana Brass thing. It’s an old school thing LOL let’s leave it at that. That was my Daddy. It’s amazing how much an individual is apart of your life. He taught me to never do or be anything that is beneath me. He taught me to be nobody’s walking stereotype. He taught me to be proud of who and what I am. He also taught me that I inherited good bone structure!

I know my Daddy is not here in the physical but I do feel his spirit. Remember that if you are feeling a great loss during this time that your loved ones are not far away. They are with you. All I have to do is look at my son. I see him in my son Elijah in looks and personality everyday. That’s my Christmas blessing!

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

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Dec 20, 2012

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Fat vs. Muscle

Yuck vs. Hell Yes!

So many ladies out there don’t have a clear understanding of what muscle gain is, or looks like. Many of you don’t understand that there is such a thing as gaining muscle. No! You won’t look like Rocky Balboa in heels….UNLESS YOU START SHOOTING STEROIDS IN YOUR DERRIERE!!!!

Ahem…….clearing my throat! Just be natural ladies…..

If you want to be toned and lean you need to use weights not just run on a treadmill. There actually is such a thing as running your butt off! I promise you don’t need to be afraid of weights it’s a good thing. It allows you to carve your body like the Greek Goddess that you are by concentrating on what areas you want to improve and how you want to look!

Doesn’t muscle sound and look better than fat now?

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Dec 18, 2012

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The Scale; Stop Weighing Yourself!

Sorry ladies and gents about being MIA  lately. Oddly enough I’ve been in an obnoxious Holiday mood. My children are hooked on all things Christmas like it’s bath salts, and I’m a zombie on that Miami highway to candy canes (not the face eatin’) baby!

Anywhoo…. The scale! Mmmmmm hmmmmm…. You heard me the scale!

I wanted them abs & that full lace wig!

Nearly a decade ago I was obsessed with the scale too. I knew nothing about fitness and nutrition yet thought all I had to do was have a goal weight/number and I was “healthy & toned.” I was wrong. I reached my goal number back then but didn’t look anything like how I wanted to look. I know I’m dating myself but I wanted to look like Janet Jackson 1992 and had read that Janet was around 120 lbs so I thought that’s my number!!!! Well at 19 yrs. old I got there and looked nothing like Janet circa 1992 lmao! I tried to never eat and walked on the treadmill 3-4 a week, and thought if I lived off of vegetables then I too would look so healthy. After I reached my goal weight I looked a hot mess. I looked tired, flat (flabby), and heavier than Janet did at the same weight and height. I didn’t look healthy.

I quickly gained 10-15 lbs. back within a months time. After realizing that if I wanted to look a certain way any notion I had of what I wanted to look like being tied to the scale soon faded away. I needed to educate myself. I learned that I had the physical work ethic fitness wise but my nutrition needed to change. I started eating correctly and learned that I could build my body how I wanted it to look just by concentrating on different movement and proper protein. One of the main reasons why I got to my “Janet ah huh moment” was because I realized that success is not a number.

I understand to newbies ( even you oldies) to weight loss or fitness you monitor your success by weighing yourself.  Your setting yourself up for fail. Women specifically gain 3-4 lbs within a months time when it comes to your cycle or sodium intake.  Why decide if your day or week is gonna be bad because you didn’t get the number you wanted on a scale. That’s stupid. I’ve scene some women in a locker room break down and cry after they’ve weighed themselves when they’ve been diligent about their workouts but have gained weight. Ding dong genius it’s muscle growth at your door. And no ladies for the millionth time your not gonna look like Ice from American Gladiators if you pick up a 2 lb weight and showcase your technique of  having no clue about what your doing (although you ladies are a great pass time to us cardio Queens!). That’s another article in the making…..

I digress!

Obsessing over a number is ridiculous. There isn’t a week that goes by when I don’t hear, “excuse me, how much do you weigh?” This

Your not a better person because of a number!

coming from a stranger that I didn’t know existed. When I tell them (people) that I never weigh myself they don’t seem to hear me correctly. They think I’m lying. Let me say it louder! I DON’T WEIGHT MYSELF!!!!!!! I’m into fitness and figure bodybuilding. I am by no means She Hulk! I am all natural and work hard at looking like a woman. I build my body to look like a woman. By build I mean muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat! So if someone asks me what I weigh so they can set their goal at what they “think” my number is I can actually weigh MORE than them when I have little to no body fat.

Don’t compare yourself to other people. Everyone is built differently and everyone’s body responds differently. Don’t set a goal number! After you’ve reached your goal then what! Gain it back? I guarantee if you obsess over a number you’ve probably been a giant you know what and your at the brink of divorce.  You and your loved ones will be a lot happier if you stay away from the scale. If you want to compare your loss and gains have your body fat percentage measured. It’s fool proof and more satisfying.

A number on a scale doesn’t mean your a better person, friend, partner, mother, worker, lover, or beautiful. It’s just a number and sooner or later it’ll change just like we all do. Be proud of your accomplishments first and foremost. If you take pride in your health and fitness the compliments from others around you will mean far more than a number on a scale. When people stop and say how amazing you look that’s when you know you’ve reached your goal. From then on it’s all about maintaining!

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Dec 12, 2012

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Joi Reinbold Fitness: Negative People and How They Effect Your Goals

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