Nov 29, 2012

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Fake Abs:You Better Deck Those Halls with Sounds of Cray Cray

This body screams health & fitness!

Every now and then I like to try out different products in the fitness industry, and read up on what’s new health and beauty wise (so I don’t feel so ancient). Nothing prepared me for what I accidentally came across in the UK’s Daily Mail ( yes I know I’m a nerd I like to start my day off working out all while entertaining myself with British publications…there just much more entertaining)…

Fake abs!!!!! I am all for the betterment of every individual you need a little pick me up (tastefully done) but this is just cray cray. It’s known as the “male boob job.” It disturbing. If it looked good…. than I could understand… I’m not hating.

It looks like something out of Alien with Sigourney Weaver. I can’t help but think when I see them that any minute that alien baby is gonna rip it’s way through that man’s stomach like he’s been doing bath salts for days in Dade County. The abdominal implants look like something that would hold Grand-Daddy’s day of the week meds.

Doesn’t it seem easier to just work for it. Abs ARE made in the kitchen. If your eating correctly, and you are lean than you will have a beautiful pack of abs. Or if you love some tacos but you want that beach year round body they’ll cost anywhere from 8000-18000.



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Nov 29, 2012

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Red Wine = Heart Health I’ll drink to that!

As a self-proclaimed WINO I take great pride in my red wines. When I’m sad I drink wine. When I’m happy I drink wine. When someone is born I drink wine. If it’s a holiday I drink wine for breakfast ( I was born and raised catholic the saints would want me to). When someone dies I drink a lot of wine… and light candles. No I’m not an alcoholic. I was raised on the notion of Laissez-faire le bon temps roulez. Let the good times roll! And roll they may with this glass of Pinot Noir.

Obviously you get my point. I love me some wine! But there’s more to Jesus Juice than just a good time. Specifically red wine is a health gold mind. First and foremost everything must be in moderation. Red wine aside from containing alcohol is full of antioxidants that prevent heart disease and heighten levels of good cholesterol that help prevent damage to your arteries. Flavonoids and resveratrol are key ingredients in red wine. They are both known to prevent artery damage, heart inflammation, and prevent blood clotting.

If your dabbling in fine wine land than make sure you sample some reds. Sister Mary Agnes would be so proud! That and repent.

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Nov 29, 2012

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Stop putting yourself down…… Let the blowhards blow


This is no’t dedication. This is a hot running mess!

I’m writing this for so many men and women who beat themselves up for not living in the gym. Who have had a bad day and their eating reflects it. Don’t get mad at yourself if you didn’t make it to the gym or workout because of your hectic schedule. Or you didn’t eat clean that day. That’s life. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Be happy that you have a life that demands your attention, and desires than none at all. Don’t aim to be that person who’s living their life for the NEXT race or competition. Then what? Let me guess… another race or competition? Boring!!!

Your family shouldn’t be random gym rats walking aimlessly about regurgitating the same story about the next race. Regardless if it’s Bodybuilding or a marathon you need to get your life! Nobody cares about what number you came in at or where you placed. Be real! Anyone who offers up the magical “number” that they came in at without being asked is normally just looking for someone to talk to.

Competing in any form of sports is a lonely place (I know from experience). It keeps you from social gatherings, eating your favorite things (in moderation of course), staying up late, having wine (I’m a proud Wino), or baking with your kids. You miss out. It’s one thing to have goals but it’s another thing to be happy. Live your life for you, and not what you want other people to think of you.

If these pants could talk…

Living in Las Vegas you come across the best athletes in the world. Never once did I ever hear any of those athletes ever tell me without being asked how they ranked, or what they scored. Sports never came up. That was their job. Why bring it home? They didn’t need to impress other people with selected words. Their bodies and their accomplishments spoke for themselves. They had a life.

Let’s be real again… any time anyone offers up without being asked about something ( if it’s the car they drive, how much they make, how they ranked in a competition, or what name brand their wearing) is just tacky and has nothing else to talk of. The conversation usually falls flat after they offered up a menagerie of rankings, and have asked you nothing about yourself. They just wanted you to know those choice words about them, never mind you. They needn’t hear of your accomplishments that could easily wipe the floor with theirs literary or sport wise.

I remember working my behind off getting ready for a competition around my daughter’s 1st birthday. I looked great but looking back now it wasn’t worth it. I was consumed with the fact that I had to work harder than everyone else competing because I had just had a baby. Now I look back and think of how I didn’t allow myself to relax and have a piece of birthday cake. I was too busy thinking “what if” about fellow competitors. None of which I would ever want to get to know in real life….they had nothing else to talk of. I realize now that I could care less of how great I did. I missed out. I chose not enjoying my personal life over something that was momentary and purely superficial that was more stressful than fun. I wasn’t happy.

Believe it or not I missed being pregnant. I loved how you can enjoy your pregnancy by taking care of yourself and taking it easier than you normally do. Soon afterward I found out I was expecting a baby again. I started baking with my little girl (even though I’m horrible at it), went to the movies and ate buttered popcorn (I know this is nerdy but it had been years), ate carbohydrates after 5 p.m., and stopped wearing makeup on the weekdays. I just wanted to be happy, and I was. I couldn’t deal with everything that being in a competition entails that’s purely based on physical appearance.

As a woman raising a young girl I needed to set a healthy example for my little successors. I stopped beating myself up about not going enough, or working hard enough, or not eating enough of the right things. It was nice. It paid off with my beautiful baby boy. My happy healthy kids are far more rewarding than getting extra gym time in. They know that there Mama loves them, and chooses them over any event or anything. Events are momentary. My children are forever. Health and wellness allows me to keep up with them. Not keep me from them.

I like to say to myself that I have standards like being happy. Don’t get mad at yourself if you didn’t throw yourself into working out. That’s life. You can still set goals and crush them all while being happy. You will attain your goals. You’ll reach them faster by being happy. Ask yourself what’s more memorable? How far you ran today? Keep it real… a lot of people run…..from the police! You don’t hear them ranting about it like they cured cancer! Isn’t it more memorable to play soccer with your kids? Or jump on the trampoline with them? Walk the mall looking cute with girlfriends? You can still get in there and get it done. Just share your passion and time with the ones you love. Don’t distance yourself from life or else you’ll wake up realizing that you never had one.

Live in the moment and enjoy it. Live healthy. Live smart. Live happily ever after.

Let the blowhards keep blowing <3

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Nov 19, 2012

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Clean & Healthy Spanish Rice


This is a great recipe for Spanish Rice that’s fast, clean, and delish! Enjoy!


2 cups of Short Grain Brown Rice ***Short Grain Brown rice does not come out dry like other brown rices when cooked properly,and has a great texture)***

4 cups of Chicken Stock

1 cup of Salsa (any that you prefer)

1 tablespoon of EVOO

1 tablespoon of Seasoning Salt

1 teaspoon of Cumin

1 cup of Corn

2-3 crushed or chopped cloves of Garlic


Grab a rice cooker and add all your ingredients in it. Cover and cook until it’s done (your rice cooker will let you know when it’s done), and now serve. It’s that EASY!!!!!

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Nov 19, 2012

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Joi Reinbold Fitness: Clean & Healthy Cranberry Sauce

The Holiday’s are here! If you’re looking to enjoy yourself without the guilt this Thanksgiving, and the remaining Holiday’s then here’s a recipe that you’ll love.


1 12 ounce bag of cranberries

1/2 cup of Sweet Leaf

1 cup of Orange Juice

1 cinnamon stick

2 orange peels

1/4 teaspoon or 1 full teaspoon of ground nutmeg

Directions for Crockpot

In a small crockpot put all ingredients in the crockpot. Cover the pot and put on high for 5 hours. Some of the cranberries will pop during the cooking time (this is normal). After the cranberries are done in the crockpot remove and place into serving dish and enjoy. *Notice that the sauce will be somewhat liquid. As the cranberry sauce cools it will start to congeal.

Directions for Stove 

In a medium pot put heat and then add the orange juice. After the orange juice is added then add the Sweet Leaf sweetener and wait till’ it starts to melt into the orange juice. Then add remaining ingredients and turn down the heat to medium, or low depending on your stove top and let simmer for 10 minutes. After the cranberries are done in the medium pot remove and place into serving dish and enjoy. *Notice that the sauce will be somewhat liquid. As the cranberry sauce cools it will start to congeal.



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